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Peer-reviewed journals


  • Otto, P., Dogan, O., Taspinar, S., Schmid, W., Bera, A. K. (2024): Spatial and Spatiotemporal Volatility Models: A Review. Journal of Economic Surveys (DOI)
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  • Otto, P., Dogan, O., Taspinar, S. (2023): A Dynamic Spatiotemporal Stochastic Volatility Model with an Application to Environmental Risks. Econometrics and Statistics (DOI, MATLAB-Code)
  • Fülle, M., Otto, P. (2023): Spatial GARCH Models for Unknown Spatial Locations – An Application to Financial Stock Returns. Spatial Economic Analysis (DOI, R-Code)
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  • Otto, P., Otto, P. (2023): What's in a name? Significance 20(1) (DOI)
  • Harke, F. H., Otto, P. (2023): Solar Self-Sufficient Households as a Driving Factor for Sustainability Transformation. Sustainability 15(3) (DOI)


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Peer-reviewed book chapters and conference proceedings

  • Maranzano, P., McConville, K., Otto, P., Carillo, F. (2023): A geostatistical investigation of the ammonia-livestock relationship in the Po Valley, Italy. Annual Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society 2023
  • Otto, P. (2021): Parallelized Monitoring of Dependent Spatiotemporal Processes. In: Knoth S., Schmid W. (eds) Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 13. ISQC 2019. Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control. Springer, Cham (DOI)
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  • Otto, P. (2019): Modeling Spatial Dependence in Local Risks and Uncertainties. Proceedings of the 29th European Safety and Reliability Conference. pp. 2685-2692. (Link)
  • Antoniuk, A., Merk, M., Otto, P. (2019): Spatial Statistics, or how to extract knowledge from data. n: Werner M., Chiang YY. (eds) Handbook of Big Geospatial Data. Springer Handbook Series in Computer Science, Cham (DOI)
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  • Otto, P. (2010): Evaluation of Innovative Potential. Saint Petersburg State University (Russia), 16th International Conference in Economics for Young Researchers "Companies and Reforms in Russia" (in Russian language)

Statistical software

  • Otto, P.: R-Package spGARCH. A collection of functions to deal with spatial and spatiotemporal autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity (spatial ARCH and GARCH models) (CRAN)

Open Data

  • Fassò, A., Rodeschini, J., Fusta Moro, A., Shaboviq, Q., Maranzano, P., Cameletti, M., Finazzi, F., Golini, N., Ignaccolo, R., Otto, P. (2022): AgrImOnIA: Open Access dataset correlating livestock and air quality in the Lombardy region, Italy. Zenodo (DOI)

Edited books

  • Advanced Statistical Methods in Process Monitoring, Finance, and Environmental Science. Otto, P., Okhrin, Y., Knoth, S. (eds), Springer Heidelberg (to appear)


  • Otto, P., Lange, A.-L. (2017): Arbeitsbuch der Angewandten Statistik - Mit Aufgaben zur Software R und detaillierten Lösungen. Springer & Gabler, Heidelberg (Springer Link)

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