Conferences and seminars

Organised sessions and workshops

  • 2023: Scientific program committee member of IMS International Conference on Statistics and Data Science and CMStatistics London
  • 2022: Scientific program committee member and session on “Spatial data science”, CMStatistics London; Session on “Spatial and spatiotemporal statistics”, DAGStat Hamburg (invited talk by Matthias Katzfuß)
  • 2021: Session on “Spatial data science”, CMStatistics London (invited talk by Osman Dogan)
  • 2020: Virtual Plenary Session, Statistical Week (keynote speaker: Jorge Mateu)
  • 2019: Session on “Spatiotemporal modelling in the presence of big data”, CMStatistics London (invited talks by Francesco Finazzi, Martin Werner); Young Scientist Mini Symposium “Models for Spatial and Spatiotemporal Data”, Statistical Week Trier (invited talks by Emilio Porcu, Anna Billé)
  • 2015: Viadrina Days of Empirical Economics

Invited presentations at research seminars and workshops

  • 2023: Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, University of Milan-Bicocca
  • 2022: Geoinformatics Forum University of Münster, European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), International Research Training Group Hannover/Paris,
  • 2021: University of Milan
  • 2020: University of Bergamo, University of Augsburg
  • 2019: Technische Universität Dresden, Panel Discussion at the CODE Conference, Research Institute for Cyber Defence and Smart Data, UniBW Munich
  • 2018: Bergen University

Specialised workshops:

  • 2019: XIIIth International Workshop on Intelligent Statistical Quality Control, Hongkong
  • 2016: XIIth International Workshop Intelligent Statistical Quality Control, Hamburg

Conferences (since 2016):

  • 2022: World Spatial Econometrics Conference, Warsaw; metma-X, Lleida; Statistical Week Münster; CMStatistics London
  • 2021: Statistical Week Kiel
  • 2019: DAGStat 2019 Munich; Stochastic Models, Statistics and Applications Dresden; Annual Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society, Catholic University Milan; CODE UniBW Munich; ESREL Hannover; 17th Workshop on Quality Improvement Methods Dortmund; CMStatistics London
  • 2018: Data Science, Statistics and Visualizations Vienna; metma IX Montpellier, Statistical Week 2018 Linz
  • 2017: 6th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences, Lindau; TIES GRASPA Meeting, Bergamo; Data Science, Statistics and Visualizations Lisbon; Data Science, Statistics and Visualizations Berlin; Statistical Week 2017 Rostock
  • 2016: German Statistical Week 2016 Augsburg; DAGStat Göttingen